Web Developement

Web Development

“The simplest things are often the truest”, so our approach towards web application development has two main components, complexity in design and simplicity in regard to the client's perception.

A web application includes, but does not limit to:
*WEB design - a custom made or template based layout (website skin) customizable and CSS / HTML validated.

*WEB programming - using technologies like PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML, CSS.

*MySQL - we build dynamic & modular web applications that can be easily upgraded and maintained.

*WEB optimization - optimizing a website is a complex job that includes: improved page load time, search engine optimization, SEO, cross-browsers compatibility and so on.

*WEB CMS - CMS stands for Content Management Systems which basically means that you can use a web interface to manage your website content and features. We can create, implement and configure different CMS solution so that you can easily update and manage your website without the need of dedicated web developer.

With a strong service based ethos, we provide clients with the opportunity to enhance their brand presence by developing apps across mobile or social media channels like Facebook, iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, HTML5, etc..

UrRating offers Mobile Website, Mobile E-Commerce, Game App, Education App, Travel App, Sports App, Business App, Social App, Medical App, Sales App, Marketing App…Any kind of APP you might ever need.

Game Developement

Games Development

Want to have your own game to promote your business and branding and get likes on Facebook? UrRating works closely with customers to build impactful games for iPhone, iPad, android, Facebook, blackberry and windows with outstanding interfaces. With skillful game app developers, we can provide on-demand capacity to help meet both your requirements goals and desired results. We also understand that only programming does not make a great application so we focus equally on enhancing user experience by developing and identifying features that make game applications one of a kind. With our rapid development comes a detailed analysis of our client's targeted audience to develop game mechanics as per the needs of the end users.