Digital Feedback System

"HappinessRate" device is designed to express the behavioral and performance of your employees in the retail outlets and identify the needed development requirements. It is a customer and employee satisfaction unit that works as a key performance indicator. It will build a connection between the company and the customers along giving them the Loyalty program feeling.

"HappinessRate" assist companies in a continuous insight into their actual customer experience across their entire journey. HappinessRate device can be used in multiple store via Cross- Marketing, so the company can monitor the level of service performance and implement actions for a long term improvements along comparing stores results to each other’s for the purpose of motivating the employees to perform better and use up-selling techniques. With smiley terminals you can ask customers to mark how satisfied they are from your employee’s support. The set of 3 smileys provide the options to mark Good, Bad or in between. It is proven to be the most effective way of capturing how your clients feel when interacting with your employees.

"HappinessRate" unit is a Customer engagement platform that is perfect for any marketing team because it enables marketers to gain real-time insights for each customer to deliver individualized customer experiences. The customer’s interaction report is a marketing asset to let other user know about your relation with your customers and the rating of your services. You can simply share the statistical report to the social media pages and the website of the company.