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UrRating is proud to introduce “WifiCollect” a smart targeting, marketing and advertising platform. It monetize your WIFI to help you improve customer engagement, better understand your clientele and promote your brand online. Your customers expect Free Wi-Fi, why not capitalize it and Benchmark your business.

  • How it Works?

  • Your clients are given options to either “Like” your Facebook page, Follow you on Twitter, Google+, and Instagram or share their email address with you to get an immediate Internet access. With more Likes, Fans and Followers, your client base will automatically increase in a cost effective way. In addition, all the Facebook friends of this particular customer will also see your business name pop-up on their news feed! Not only this, but also you can make the “Check-in” feature mandatory to use your internet.

    WifiCollect withdraw your client’s email addresses to be able to send them email campaigns for any upcoming events, offers or new products.

    WifiCollect offers your clients a unique “Pop-Up” called “Happiness Meter”, which let you understand the level of your client’s satisfaction in your venue, so no need to “Comment Cards” anymore.

    On your Splash page, you have the option to advertise an offer, event or daily dish straight to your targeted audience in 6 different switching banners. The Splash page is fully customizable and easy to use so you can upload your venue’s logo, slogan, etc…

    WifiCollect gives you the option to send a promotional message to your “Repeated Clientele” who enter your premises right away from a bill discount to …

    After your clients log-in, you can route them to 6 different Landing Pages (websites) depends on the timing you want, “Breakfast”-“Lunch”-“Dinner”… this will provide a lot of “Clicks to Website” and improve your Google Top Ranking.

    You have a problem with your clients using a lot of Internet Bandwidth? No problem any more cause WifiCollect can limit their data spending to any amount you want.
  • What’s in it for my customer?

  • Connecting to WifiCollect: Customer simply logs in to your venues Wi-Fi presented with your branded login page and they will feel connected to your brand in a much more meaningful way.

    Password: WifiCollect replace the typical password login and wasting your employee’s time.

    Automatic Social Media Connectivity: Anyone using your WifiCollect, he/she will be Liking or following your social media platforms or sharing their Email addresses. They’ll get the latest information about your venue/products/offer/events, etc…

    Returning customers will “check-in” in your venue and proceed online immediately with a special message from you, which makes them feel special as a loyal client.

  • What type of information about my customers can I view?

  • WifiCollect is the complete marketing tool for your multiple locations. With your log-in online codes, the dashboard lets you monitor what is happening at your business from who came in, male-female ratio, ways of login-in, client’s satisfaction, % of returning clients, etc…

  • What’s in it for my business?

  • Easy Management of Social Platforms - With WifiCollect dashboard, the information you gather from your customers will help you communicate with them and when you know who are they and what they like, then you can create content that will really engage them. WifiCollect provides you with all your Consumers Data Intelligence to make the right decisions for your business. All emails collected can be imported to many systems as “Mail Chimp”, “Salesforce” and other popular systems. Data from Dashboard can be simply exported as a universal CSV file.

    Landing/Splash page - Once your customer log in, they will be routed to a splash page with your business logo and special offers or daily dish which increase brand loyalty. You need more engagement and getting to clients outside your venue? You can rent WifiCollect Ad Space to communicate with future customers, deliver valuable content relevant to your business and promote your brand and increase sales. No marketing material which leads to a conflict of interest will be advertised in any venue.