UrRating is proud to announce its partnership with Prism Skylabs U.S.A and being their exclusive agent in the MENA Region.

Any merchandise or service environment needs the right atmosphere to attract customers. Visual Merchandising is fundamental to establishing and maintaining a retailer's corporate identity by creating a unique shopping experience.

With Prism Skylabs, you will be able to analyze and define customer traffic flows, floor plans and display requirements. You will be able to see the results of your special requirements for seasonal and sales promotions.

While physical stores know how many customers visit and what they buy, e-commerce sites know which section customers head to first, how long they look at each product, and who browses but doesn’t make a purchase.

Prism Skylabs software uploads and analyzes video from in-store surveillance cameras to track customer movement and the effectiveness of promotions. The software develops heat maps of customer activity while stripping out images of actual shoppers to protect their privacy. You can look at which products are hot, which are being moved around and touched, and all kinds of data that allow merchandise teams to understand what is going on across a wide range of stores. The report benefits, Retail groups, Mall Shopping Centers, Marketing & Advertising Agencies, Event & Exhibition firms, Restaurants…. And the simple report format can be understood by any employee.

Prism Skylabs software delivers real-time data about the impact of your marketing programs by using a resource you already have, your security cameras. You and your managers will be able to make the right decisions to optimize personnel, merchandising, retail space, procurement, pricing and marketing strategies. Marketing agencies & Marketers can use this information to increase sales, reduce unnecessary costs and improve the overall level of customer service and Branding. You can truly measure the effectiveness of your advertising and marketing campaigns and check the exact ROI.

Prism Skylabs helps you gain a holistic view of the customer experience at all store types, the software features:

  • Next-generation analytics display, customer dwell time, movement and product lift.
  • Protect privacy and ensure customer anonymity with computer vision technology.
  • Data visualizations creating stunning new ways to see and understand physical space.
  • People counting allowing you to measure conversion and understand occupancy.

Prism Skylabs software doesn’t just do counting, it does any-camera counting. It lets you know how many people are in any space over any period of time. There’s no better way to understand occupancy, optimize staffing and above all, measure conversion.

Prism Skylabs software empower retail businesses to instantly transform their security cameras into tools that from a laptop, phone or tablet provide images of live, in-store video feeds and powerful analytics, driving revenue and increasing understanding of their customers. The software allows users to share and syndicate these photos directly from their platform to a business’ Facebook page, Twitter stream and website.

It offers robust reporting (Dashboard, Customizable Reports, Data exports...) and provides infinite archiving with the most-secure redundant backup. .