UrRating Facebook


Over 1 billion people on it, we will help you reach the right ones

Normally it would take plenty of time before one can have a large number of fans. Our approach is gaining popularity and creating more traffic on a social networking page. We will make sure that people are going to believe that your company is on solid footing from the beginning. A number of people are going to put important statistics and data out there that will give customers a better idea as to why they should purchase your product over a competitor’s product or service. No one will be able to complain about their conversion rate if they are getting a ton of activity from all around the world. It doesn’t hurt to change content from time to time in order to draw in some new attention to your Facebook page.

UrRating Twitter


UrRating provides a unique and effective Twitter Marketing Service to twitter users. Our service specifically targets and delivers a good number of twitter followers to any Twitter account. Having more real twitter followers strengthens your online and social credibility in the eyes of your peers or customers. We will organize different tactics on BlogSpot as you try to grow the amount of traffic that you want to bring to your blog. The process of getting Twitter followers is something that can make a big difference in your social media strategy and UrRating will develop a campaign for it. Our targeted Twitter follower strategy is better than a tool such as Who Should I follow? The best possible Twitter followers may be those people that share common interests and want to learn more about your company.

UrRating YouTube


YouTube gives you effective paid and organic search, along with hyper-targeting, advertising customization and powerful content control. When combined with marketing initiatives, YouTube can outperform and deliver not only the views, but more importantly, the actions. UrRating will manage YouTube marketing campaign to capitalize the best results.

We engage with our customers with six simple steps:

Plan: We analyze topic space and competition.

Identify: Hot topics, passionate audiences and key influencers.

Target: Software generates targeted ad buys for pre-roll, display and search ads.

Optimize: Video SEO to drive organic traffic on the web and mobile.

Analyze: Real-time analytics for channel management and campaign optimization.

Review: Management-level performance reviews enable continuous improvement.